Ethical Committee


Applications to be Evaluated

Haliç University Non-Interventional Clinical Research Ethics Committee evaluates the applications related to the following studies:

  1. All observational studies other than drug observational studies and medical device observational studies,
  2. Survey studies to be carried out in the Fields of Health Sciences,
  3. Retrospective studies such as file and image recordings,
  4. Researches to be carried out with materials obtained during routine examination, analysis and treatment (biochemistry, microbiology, pathology and radiology collection materials such as blood, urine, tissue, radiological image or materials obtained during routine examination, examination, analysis and treatment processes),
  5. Cell or tissue culture studies,
  6. Research to be carried out with genetic materials for identification purposes other than gene therapy,
  7. Research to be carried out within the boundaries of nursing activities,
  8. Dietary studies with food additives,
  9. Research on body physiology such as exercise,
  10. Studies based on anthropometric measurements; Weight, Height (such as height and elbow height, Width (such as hip width), Depth (such as hip-to-knee distance), Distance (such as stroke), Curvature (such as spinal curvature), Circumference (such as head circumference and middle arm circumference), Reach (such as the maximum reach distance).
  11. Studies on the evaluation of living habits,