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Disabled Student Unit

Higher Education institutions disabled students units in Haliç University in 2018 ARTICLE 11 - (Different with title: RG-14/2 / 2014-28913); administrative, physical, sheltering needs and social and academic needs of students with disabilities, who are elected by the heads of departments, faculties, colleges and institutes appointed by coordinator faculty or assistants who are specialized in the field of handicapped or close to the field of special education under the chairmanship of a vice-rector. “Disabled Student Unit Coordinatorship” directly linked to the Rectorate to identify the needs related to the fields and to determine what needs to be done to meet these needs, to plan, implement, develop and evaluate the results of the studies carried out; Professor Dr. It was founded under the chairmanship of Hürriyet Gürsel Yıldırım.As per the date and number of 18/12 / 2019-11404, the Rector of Haliç University Assoc. Dr. Aydın was appointed as the master.

Our vision is to,

Determine the needs of our students with disabilities, plan the administrative arrangements to be made according to the determined needs, create the necessary infrastructure standards to meet all requirements in academic, social and personal fields, provide equal services, and develop disability awareness among the university staff.

Our mission is to,

Provide accessibility for our students with disabilities to use current information and technology, make our university preferable for students with disabilities using the equipment that will support their studies, and also research, develop and practice at national and international standards.

Aims and goals

Our main goal is to make arrangements that will provide more comfortable education and training opportunities for our disabled students studying at Haliç University and to make our University a preferred institution by students with disabilities. Accordingly, to determine the needs of our disabled students and to meet these requirements within the possibilities, to arrange the education programs in a way that will positively affect the academic, physical, psychological and social lives of our disabled students, to prepare educational environments and equipment used in education in a way that is suitable for our disabled students, and to make an accurate and fair measurement in exams. and it is necessary to create an assessment environment, to adapt the transportation between the university and the city to our disabled students, and to raise awareness about the concept of “disability” for everyone working at the university.

Our primary goals to reach the goal are:

1) To identify disabled students in our university

2) To determine the problems of students with disabilities about their disability by means of questionnaires

3) To reveal the difficulties of being disabled in our university

4) To evaluate which problems are prioritized during the solution phase based on student surveys and the studies of the unit.

5) To resolve the problems that are evaluated as priority

6) To do solution studies on other problems

*Prof. Dr. Menşure Aydın will provide consultation as the Disabled Student Unit every Friday between 10.00-15.00 at the Health Culture and Sport Departmant’s Office.