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Double Major

The Opportunity of Two Diplomas through Double Major!

Double Major Program (DD)
It is a program that enables students who successfully carry out undergraduate programs to receive a second undergraduate diploma by taking courses from an undergraduate program of their choice.

The aim of the double major program is to provide the students who are successful at their major undergraduate programs the opportunity to study in a second branch to obtain a bachelor's degree.

Application and Admission Conditions;

  • Double Major applications are made to the related Faculty / School with the application form, transcript and OSYM Result Document on the dates announced in the academic calendar. (Forms will be provided from the Faculty / School applied.)
  • The student can apply for Double Major program at the beginning of the 3rd semester at the earliest and at the beginning of the 5th semester at the latest.
  • In order for the student to apply for the Double Major Program, he / she must have successfully completed all credit courses in the major undergraduate program until the semester he/she applied, his/her GPA at the time of application must be at least 2.72 / 4.00, and he must be at the top 20% in terms of success in the relevant class of the major program.
  • Candidates who apply to Haliç University's programs that require special talent must be successful by taking the special talent exams by the programs.
  • Student applications that meet the required conditions are processed by the relevant Faculty Dean / School Directorate. The admission process is finalized with the recommendation of the department applied and the decision of the relevant Faculty / School Board of Directors.
  • It is not possible to enroll in more than one double major program at the same time. Students enrolled in a double major program can apply for a new program, provided that they leave the double major program they are enrolled in.
  • In order for the student to graduate from the double major program, the GPA must be at least 2.72 out of 4. During the entire double major education, the student's grade point average can drop to 2.50 out of 4 for once only. A student who falls below 2.50 out of 4 for the second time is deregistered from the second major diploma program.

Please click for the Double Major / Minor Program Directive.