Life in Haliç


Health Center

Our full-time doctors, nurses and psychologists provide quality health services to our students. It is a medical room with some medical equipment and first aid materials used for the rest or supervision of patients.

Infirmary service is provided in all 3 campuses of our university. We have 1 physician and 3 nurses.

In addition to first aid and emergency services, preventive health services are meticulously and meticulously,

Dr. Infirmary hours of Faculty Member Müjdat AYTEKİN

Monday Levent Campus 09:00 -11:30

Tuesday Sütlüce Campus 09:00 -11:30

Wednesday Sütlüce Campus 09:00 -11:30

Thursday Sütlüce Campus 09:00 -11:30

Friday Sütlüce Campus 09:00 -11:30

  • Fever, blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar measurement,
  • Prescribing medicine according to the prescription,
  • First aid application when first aid is required
  • Contributing to the training of employees

It assumes duties such as making requests, observing and supervising in order to develop, regulate and improve the workplace.