Haliç TV



Haliç University Television has a contemporary broadcasting approach that gives priority to sharing of information, news and events. Besides, it is university-oriented as well as integrated with the region in terms of location. Our university has a great technology that is convenient new-generation television broadcasting approach, which provide out followers to reach broadcasts via internet in anywhere and anytime.

In addition to the broadcasting of activities in the fields of science, arts and sports at our university, current programs prepared in cooperation with student clubs constitute the broadcast content of the television. Besides, Haliç University Television has a scientific visual library feature that the activities carried out by the academic staff at an academic level to broadcasting platform.

Thanks to the television, which is one of the most influential broadcast organs of mass communication, "Life in Haliç" will be able to develop an effective language of communication within the region that it is in with, by going beyond the borders of the university and it will support the consolidation of the link between the university and the city. Our university television has carry the quality of being the visible and effective face of our university mission, which was developed with inspiration from the rich heritage of Golden Horn.

Haliç University Television bases its publishing approach on a young and dynamic approach as an indicator of the current and innovative vision of our university.