Life in Haliç


Dining Hall

Our dining hall is 870 square meters, 2 yellow areas, 2 green areas, 1 blue area, 1 pink area, 1 orange area, and a total seating area of 420 people. Accordingly, there are hand washing basin section, dishwasher, food distribution station area and external sections consisting of 1 room.

There are 90 square meter warehouse area, 15 square meter mini preparation section, 10 square meter personal dressing area, 15 square meter cleaning products room and 5 square meter waste water well.

Our refectory is opened at 08.30 in the morning, the dishes coming at 09.00 are put on the counter [for warming] and the preparation of salatbar is done. The suitability, taste, taste and visuality of the incoming meals are checked and made ready for service at 11.00 and this service continues until 15.00.

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