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Mentorship Program

What is the Mentorship Program?

It is a voluntary project for both the mentor and the mentee that we have developed so that you can benefit from the business life experiences of Halic University students who have graduated from the same department as you.

It is a good opportunity for students to develop their network and get to know the business world.

Mentors are not personal coaches or trainers. It does not set the goals or actions of the mentee. In short, they do not decide for you. You can watch the video for more detailed information.


Mentee (Student) Application Requirements

  • Grade Point Average: 2.00 and above
  • Students meeting the above conditions can apply to be a mentee, please send an e-mail to

Mentor (Graduate) Application Requirements

  • Graduating from Halic University
  • Having a minimum of 2 years of active work experience
  • Making time voluntarily for the program and conducting interviews on online platforms.
  • Graduates meeting the above conditions can apply to be a mentor, please send an e-mail to

Benefits of Being a Mentee

  • This program speeds up the career development process of the mentee.
  • Mentees receive help and feedback through the program.
  • The professional and personal development of mentees is accelerated.
  • Mentees' self-confidence improves.
  • Mentee's awareness of business life increases.

Benefits of Being a Mentor

  • Mentors' sense of professional and personal satisfaction develops.
  • Mentors can transfer their knowledge.
  • Mentor gets to know the next generation better.

Roles and Responsibilities of Mentees

  • Organizing interview appointments according to the time of the mentors
  • To determine personal and professional development areas after the interviews
  • Remembering that this is a process of development and mutual learning.
  • Not to abuse the mentor-mentee relationship within the framework of confidentiality and ethical rules

The Roles and Responsibilities of Mentors

  • They share their experiences with an objective perspective to facilitate the needs and goals of the mentees.
  • They build their relationships with the mentees on trust by complying with the principles of confidentiality.
  • They arrange everything with the mentees on matters such as the place and time of the meeting.
  • Note: When the match is made, an information mail will be sent to the mentors and mentees.

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