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How to Write a CV

Dear Students and Graduates,

Resume/CV is an important job/internship application tool that is still valid today. Your goal is to get the attention of the recruiter and provide a document that encourages them to invite you for an interview as the ideal candidate for the position.

Basic Principles for a Good CV:

Think of your resume as a "self-ad" that briefly summarizes your experiences. It gives the human resources specialist an overview of the qualifications you have for the job you are applying for.

  • Your CV should also include a summary of your personal information. Language should be in 3rd person.
  • Optimally, 1 page should be prepared. There should be a maximum of 2 pages.
  • If your high school information includes vocational education, it can be included in your CV. Primary and secondary school information should not be included.
  • Only the district and the province should be written in your address.
  • Your e-mail address must be including your name and surname.
  • Your photos should have a flat background, a clear face, and be free from exaggeration.
  • You must write your foreign language knowledge together with its level.

Click for the English proficiency exam.

  • You should add your LinkedIn account.
  • Certificates of training exceeding 45 hours must be attached.
  • Not all events you attended should be listed. Suitable for the job you are applying for can be used.
  • Your List of Work Experience Regardless of your approach, your goal is to create a chronological list of experiences relevant to the jobs you are applying for. Your most recent work is written first.
  • Although this list focuses on professional work experience, you can add your awards, volunteer or community experience, skills as well as your vocational training program to your resume.

What should be included in the resume?

  • Ideally, your CV should reflect your experiences related to the job you are applying for. After examining the job advertisement, you want to apply for, your CV should be arranged following the requirements requested in the advertisement.
  • Your CV should not include unnecessary words and sentences.
  • Before taking the time to write all the details around each position you apply for, you should decide how to organize your experience, education, skills, qualifications, and other information.
  • You should take care to create a resume suitable for every job application. You can talk about your plans and goals in the goal / personal description section to make your resume different from others. Use the language from the job posting as a keyword.
  • Your reference should not be more than 1. You may be one of the people you have worked with before, or you may prefer the lecturer who knows you. In either case, remember to get the other party's consent.

You can follow the steps below to benefit from CV CONTROL AND SUGGESTION SERVICE:

  • If you have a CV that you have prepared, you can send it to the address (in Word format), we can check it and send it to you by writing or editing our suggestions.
  • If you do not have a CV yet or if you want to prepare it in a different format, you can download the template below and send it to us.

Download the CV TEMPLATE.

  • After preparing the English version of your CV, you can prepare the Turkish version by making an appointment with the Language Helpdesk project. Click for “Helpdesk” on the career center page.

Before You Start Preparing a CV, You Can Ask Yourself the Following Questions:

  • What are your proudest achievements?
  • What are people coming to you for?
  • What was the thing that you did not earn a lot of reputation but were great about?
  • How do you interact with people differently?
  • Who have you worked with or influenced to drive change?
  • Which skills will make you stand out?
  • Have you checked your digital footprint?
  • Do you have a personal website?
  • Do you have a LinkedIn account?
  • What computer programs do you know?
  • In what areas do you have technical knowledge?
  • Do you speak a foreign language?
  • Do you have any connections where you are doing an internship or volunteering? Write them as a reference.
  • Have you ever joined National or International competitions/projects etc.

All services of the career center are free of charge for Halic University students and graduates.

For your questions and suggestions, you can contact with us: