Career Center And Alumni Relations


Alumni Career Counseling

Dear Students,

You can use the appointment system to get the "Online Career Counseling" service from the Career Center.

Appointment System Link: 

After your appointment is moved into the system, we will contact you and send the zoom link.

The scope of Alumni Career Counseling is Job Search Consultancy.

  • With this service, we aim to identify the reasons that prolong your job finding process or reduce your impact on job applications and to support you in creating strategies to eliminate these reasons.
  • You can also get "Online Interview Consultancy" before going to your job interviews. In the appointment system, you can make a request through the relevant title.

Who is a Career Counselor?

It is the person who supports individuals in determining their goals in business life and what they want to do and why. The expectations and goals of the people are determined, and a suitable route is drawn for them.

Note: All Career Center services are free of charge.