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Campus Security

Campus Security

In accordance with the law no. 5188 at the campuses of Haliç University, it provides services within its own structure with its private security staff assigned by the Provincial Governorship. Private security officers, who are permanent and ready in our campuses, follow up with the camera system and carry out services on a 24/7 basis.

  • 21 Private Security Officers in Sutluce Campus
  • 6 Private Security Officers in Sishane Campus 
  • 6 Private Security Officers in Levent  Campus 

33 Private Security Officers provide service in total.

In Sutluce and Sishane Campuses;

Enter and exit service to the campuses is provided by the turnstile system, and the entrance and exit is made with the PDKS card pass system. Students, administrative and academic staff who do not have cards, present their identity cards to Private Security officers. They are allowed to enter  to campuses after their identity records are checked from the Prolysis system.

Levent Campus;

Security service is provided with the controls of Private Security Officers. In our campuses, night security service is reinforced by tour control system.