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Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is a field which combines Computer Sciences and Software Engineering as well as Electronics Engineering. It differs from Software Engineering and Electronics Engineering in terms of the education, which generally involves Electronics Engineering, software design and equipment – software integration. 

Computer Engineers can work in many different business levels. It has a broad Software aspect including the design of electronic circuits at a microelectronic level, design of logic circuits and electronic systems, development of microprocessor and computerized control systems as well as computer networks, and communication and internet technologies. Computer Engineers develop different Software systems which work over this broad hardware spectrum. Basic data structures, algorhythms, mathematical basis, protocols, and architectures of the software are also developed by Computer Engineers who are specialized in Computer Sciences.

Basic Divisions of Computer Engineering can simply be listed as Hardware, Software and Computer Sciences. The Computer Sciences Division includes many sub–divisions such as Algorhythms and Data Structures, Programming Languages, Architecture, Scientific Calculation, Processing Systems, Information and Data Management, Graphics, Monitoring and Multimedia, Network-based Informatics and Smart Systems.

The students who would like to attend and graduate from Computer Engineering and succeed in this profession should have a higher academic ability, outstanding power of numerical thinking and a sound logic along with an attentive, calm and patient character. They should be able to self-solve problems and have the ability to find new solutions and make inventions. They should be able to work in a team for the solution of greater problems as well as hardware / software development projects.

Haliç University Department of Computer Engineering
Haliç University Department of Computer Engineering was launched in the 2000-2001 academic year. As from 2009 it has been subjected to a restructuring process in order to provide an education which better suits the requirements of the new era and the needs of modern Computer Engineering. It serves students who would like to enjoy the benefits of a fast and dynamic lifestyle thanks to easy access of being in the very center of Istanbul where computer companies are also located. 

Academic Staff and Research Subjects

The Computer Engineering Department consists of young academics all of whom are experts in their fields. There are expert instructors who carry out scientific, academic and engineering studies particularly in Software Engineering, Communication Systems, Information Technologies, Real Time Distributed Systems, Artificial Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic, Data Mining and Microprocessor Systems. It is one of the rare self–supporting private/state universities in terms of current academic staff.  

Undergraduate and Post Graduate Education
The education language of undergraduate program is English whereas Post graduate education language is Turkish. Instructors follow the most updated English course books and other sources on Computer Engineering during the courses.  

Post Graduate Education is a strong aspect of Haliç University, Computer Engineering Department. It offers Computer Engineering (with Thesis and Non-Thesis) and Management Information Systems (with Thesis and Non-Thesis) Post Graduate Programs in the evenings to working engineers who would like to invest in themselves as well as those from various branches other than engineering. It has more than 100 students who participate in these programs. A customized program is prepared for each student in accordance with their circumstances, wishes and requirements and the students are monitored by academic consultants. Courses and instructors are also planned in terms of the requirements of the students.

Electronics and Communication Engineering

The Electrical–Electronics Engineering Department is one of the leading engineering departments in terms of production and usage of science and technology, and where a rapid development and change is experienced in line with the developing technology. Electrical-Electronics science is the triggering power of innovations and inventions thanks to its broad application area and organic ties with other departments.

The department was launched in the 2005-2006 academic year as Electronics and Communication Engineering, however in consideration with the developing and changing conditions of today’s world and in order to alleviate the workforce in the electrical - electronics branch in Turkey, it has been decided to continue as Electrical-Electronics Engineering as from the 2010-2011 academic year with the approval of the Council of Higher Education. For this purpose, the necessary infrastructure and development issues of the department have been accomplished with due care.

There are a large number of laboratories and research units to carry out the program enabling demonstrations in practice. The laboratories are sufficient enough in terms of physical space and technical equipment to enhance the student’s practical skills.  

Programs of the department are based on mathematics, physics, chemistry and human sciences in addition to engineering sciences. The first year of education is dedicated to basic courses whereas major courses are taught as from the second year. Major courses are structured in a way to orientate the students for the topic. As from the third year, students continue their education by aiming at specific divisions and taking elective courses determined by the division they approach.

Haliç University Electrical-Electronics Department offers an advance level of engineering education in a contemporary scientific atmosphere providing ample opportunities. The education provided to the students enables them to graduate as engineers and scientists who are distinguished with their researcher identities and lead the science and technology world. The purpose of the department is to offer an excellent engineering education in every topic of Electrical-Electronics technology and enable its graduates with efficient and quick problem solving skills for the problems they may face in their professional lives.  


In consideration with the fact that Electrical–Electronics Engineering forms the basis of the developing technology in Turkey and in the world, the employment area is large and there are a number of corporations where the graduates can work. Besides it is a profession which offers higher employment guarantees in our country. The graduates of the department are able to work at all public and private entities carrying on business in any technological field which requires design and an analytical point of view.