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In recent years, rapid changes have been experienced worldwide in the technological, economic, political and social fields. All countries, except a few, have stretched their commercial and political boundaries within the concept of a “Free Market Economy” extending the relationships outside the political borders to reach “universal” dimensions, which is also described as globalization.

As a result of globalization, the world has almost become one market where competition between companies has become more intense. Companies head towards advance technology and scientific techniques to sell their products in consideration of the fact that diversified types and kinds of the same goods and products take place in the markets. In this context, companies are required to “publicize” themselves in order to maintain and increase their market shares and to make a “difference” in every field compared to their competitors.

Today, such publicity is included under “Public Relations and Publicity” as a function of management and covers the activities required to create a company image and make a “difference” among consumers, industrial buyers, government agencies and institutes, and private sector organizations but above all in the international markets. We believe that the students, who will benefit from the contemporary education management techniques at the “Public Relations and Publicity” Department, which is planned to be opened as an “independent department” in terms of a derivative of the Turkish Management Department, will make a great contribution in the “image creation, advertisement and promotion, and continuous communication” requirements of the companies, whether profit and production oriented or not, in the entire service sector including the international arena. Graduates of the Public Relations and Publicity department will be awarded with a Bachelor’s Degree in “Public Relations and Publicity”. Purpose of the Program It aims to cultivate a workforce who is aware of the power of public relations, advertisement and communication management in both the business and social life of Turkey, a country which is in the integration phase with the European Union in a globalizing world, and who would like to use such power within the framework of social responsibility, within the advertisement and communication sectors. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Most of the graduates are employed in the advertisement and public relations sectors.

In addition, the graduates of the department have the opportunity to work in the media sector as well. Also, the students who graduate from this department are employed in various positions in the tourism sector as managers, consultants and public relations experts. It is obvious that these job profiles represent some of the most common careers in the business field.

Business Informatics

From a general point of view, the purpose of the corporations is to produce goods and services needed by society. In consideration with the fact that the new products, launched as result of the stunning technological developments in the recent years, have started to be used in corporations, it is possible to reach and store a lot of information immediately which use to be obtained with difficulty in the past.

This has also led to great developments in the management approach of the corporations, and “data processing” technologies are beginning to be used efficiently by smart corporations in Decision Making Processes and production. 

Today, computers are not only used in the production, business and service sectors but they are also related to the lifestyle of the individuals. Therefore, “information society” and “information age” terms have begun to be used more commonly.

In the context of the foregoing explanations, we need more experts trained in this field so that computers, an important product of advanced technology in terms of increasing productivity and efficiency, can be more prevalent both for the corporations and the public especially in the developing countries and make contributions to social and economic development.

The “Business Informatics Department” will be launched as from the 2008-2009 academic year in order to train such “experts” required by the abovementioned fields by benefiting from the advanced technology and contemporary education methods under the supervision of expert academics.

The graduates of this department will be awarded with a “Bachelor’s Degree in Business Informatics”. 


Developments in computer technologies have triggered not only developments in production methods but also changes in the management structure of the corporations. Compared to the past, computers have started to be used more commonly in corporations as the importance of the information and the developments in the information technology are better understood.  

Also, in consideration of the fact that computer usage is no longer limited to corporations but involved in every field of life, a noticeable change can be observed in society. Transformation into an information society will be unavoidable as a result of this change. For a healthy transformation, however, it is crucial that the requirement for a qualified workforce is satisfied and the innovations in computer technology are sustained.

From this point of view, the “Business Informatics Department” would be beneficial for providing the education necessary to train the qualified personnel required to alleviate the demand incurred as a result of the increasing usage of information technology in business life.    


Graduates of the program can work as experts or managers in the data processing departments of the corporations. Additionally they will have the opportunity to work in a managerial position in every field involving information technology within the scope of their education.

Politics and International Relationships

Purpose of the Department

The interactivity areas of the international players have expanded in the globalization process whereas the scope of international relations has become more complicated in strategic, military, political and economic terms. As a result of this fact, it has become crucial to comprehend today’s world, and the requirement for qualified people who have such comprehension has become great in various sectors. The undergraduate program of Political Sciences and International Relations is designed in an interdisciplinary structure to meet such requirement and aims to qualify the students in today’s changing world by the intensive support of various disciplines such as law, economics and history.


The students of this department will take a total of 142 course credits in 8 academic terms in the scope of political sciences and law related to international relations, political history, and economics as well as international management and marketing. The students will have the opportunity to specialize in various fields of international relations by virtue of the elective courses.


The graduates of this department can seek employment at various governmental agencies such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Planning Organization, Undersecretariat of Treasury, etc., as well as international companies, international organizations and media. Additionally they may enjoy the academic career opportunities of the universities.