Traditional Turkish Music

The Department of Turkish Music was launched in the 1999-2000 academic year and offers a four year (eight terms) academic program based on high school education.

Our conservatory acts as a bridge for Turkish Music, which is rooted in history and tradition, to be transmitted to the next generations. It attracts attention with its precious academic staff that are masters in their fields.

Our conservatory offers education in socio-cultural fields alongside Turkish Music and brings up graduates, who have qualifications to represent their own music culture on a national and international platform, as nominated artists, each having the desired properties in their fields.


It could be continued with a Master’s, PhD and Proficiency in Art programs after Undergraduate Education in our Conservatory. Our graduates could become members of the faculty at the universities. They could become singers or instrument players in choirs attached to the Ministry of Culture by entering exams for the TRT Radio and Television Associations. They could work in music related fields, as producers and tonmeister, in private radio-TV institutions. They could become the director of choirs or various music associations. They could also continue their music career solo or by putting together bands in various organizations.


The Department of Theatre has offered a four year academic program including theoretical and applied courses, seminars and workshops since the beginning of the 2000-2001 academic year.

The students receive practical training on movement, voice and breathing, elocution, improvisation, acting and dramaturgy during the four year academic program, while they can improve their background built on the compulsory theoretical courses, through elective courses as they wish. They may form a specific study program through a wide range of courses from “Acrobatics” to “Stage Study and Player Management”, to “Technical Design in Theatre”. The program differs from the similar ones at other universities as the body language is improved and different acting schools are exemplified.

The departmental academic staff and the guest lecturers invited to workshops or conferences are leading persons in their filed; in theatre, cinema, television and culture.

Theatre plays, by students of the Department of Theatre, are staged in the multi-purpose Hall of the Department, in the Conference Hall and at inter-university theatre spectacles, and they are welcomed with an increasing interest each year.

Last year, the play “Dog, Woman, Man”, staged by the Department of Theatre was awarded “The best male actor” prize at the Inter-university Theatre Festival.

Our Goals:

Teach students the concept of cultural pluralism.
To provide a personal view of the “world citizen”.
To bring up individuals of good character.
To enable students to have self-recognition and realize his/her own skills.
To help students with transferring his/her skills into knowledge and applying it to real life.
To contribute to bringing up leaders who use knowledge in the right way.
To reinforce core values. 

Opera and Concert Singer

Today, artistic interaction has become widespread with no limits. It is a fact that, national forms and styles in music field are subjected to change and disappear. 

There is an increasing number of young people, who choose to be a singer as a profession or wish to become a singer, try to sing songs that are examples of Western Music or a synthesis of Western Music and our Traditional melodies. Nevertheless, it is known that the limited quotas offered by the low number of departments of state conservatories do not change over the years and thousands of young people get disappointed by the exam results.

These young people do not give up with their dreams, continue to work in this field without having sufficient knowledge and participate in popular culture unconsciously, while their number is increasing at a great pace.  

The aim of our department, which was launched in the 2007-2008 academic year, is to give a chance to young people who wish to be educated in the field of Opera and Concert Singing but could not find the opportunity; to bring up qualified young people, who could sing properly and in style and who are educated according to the needs of the modern era through a Western approach towards music, which influences the society in the most substantial way and reaches the society in the fastest way; and to contribute to enhance the cultural level of society.