School of Nursing


School of Nursing has started its educational facilities in 1999-2000 academic year in the framework of the fundamental principles determined in the Turkish Higher Education Law numbered 2557 and with the aim of meeting our country’s need for health professionals. Our founding foundation Our-Children Leukemia Foundation has served to our people successfully for almost 20 years and become an initiator in the field of leukemia. Haliç University School of Nursing was established and it started to give education in order to graduate professional staff for health services, which our country needs severely today and in the future. . Haliç University School of Nursing is one of the ten Schools of Nursing, which offer four-year undergraduate program in Turkey, and it is the only one among the foundation universities. The four-year programs of Haliç University School of Nursing are organized in the direction of National Core Nursing Education Program (HUÇEP), which is prepared to provide standardization in nursing education in all over the country, by determining the minimum standards of nursing education in the national framework and also in the framework of European Union criteria.