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Brief History

Halic University is a foundation university established by the Foundation for Children with Leukemia in accordance with the Higher Education Law numbered 2547. Halic University was established in accordance with the law no. 4324 published in the Official Gazette dated January 14, 1998 and started education on November 23, 1998. Halic University’s academic faculties include the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Engineering, the Conservatory, School of Nursing, School of Physical Education and Sports, School of Fisheries and Aquaculture, and Institute of Health Sciences.

In the process of rapid growth of the university the Institute of Natural Sciences and Institute of Social Sciences, Faculty of Fine Arts and Faculty of Architecture were established with the cabinet decisions numbered 2002 / 4306, 2003 / 6330 and 2006 / 10372, respectively. Halic University has a total student body of 2825 – 2562 undergraduate and 263 graduates in the academic year 2006-2007.