Life in Haliç
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Contemporary Education Quality

The objective of Haliç University, the same as all the reputable universities around the world, is to accomplish advanced scientific research, provide educational services, and offer scientific attainment for the benefit of the public.

Haliç University sets its target as “contemporary quality in education” for the purpose of raising its students as experts who know and efficiently use science and technology.  

Since its establishment Haliç University aims, in addition to providing formal education, to give priority to the relationship between the university and business life in order to bring up students equipped with practical and updated information in accordance with the dynamics of the 21st century and a rapidly globalizing world, and intellectual and professional capabilities in order to allow them to compete both in the national and international platforms as experts.

All programs of Haliç University have been prepared by following the innovations and the functioning dynamics of the new age and in accordance with the principle of raising a qualified workforce equipped with the essential professional knowledge and skills which will allow them to compete in the international platforms. Concordantly, the professions gained through the undergraduate and postgraduate programs of Haliç University can be listed among the profession groups which shape the competition worldwide. 

Outstanding Education Staff with International Academic and Professional Experience

The most privileged advantage provided by Haliç University to its students is the outstanding and distinguished academic staff with strong backgrounds from the reputable universities in Turkey and abroad. Haliç University is attentive in forming the education staff with specialized, up to date and globally-minded, experienced and visionary academics that prepares the students for the business life both theoretically and practically and teaches them to “research, think, create and learn”.

Number of students per Instructor is: 8.4

The number of students per Instructor at Haliç University is 8.4; this perfect proportion not only allows the instructors to deal with the students more closely and individually but also positively affects the concentration and performance in the classroom.

Excellent Instructor – Student Communication

The instructors at Haliç University communicate with the students in a “student–oriented” manner and within the framework of a dialogue system which matches with the corporate culture of the university. This system functions efficiently by means of setting compulsory visiting hours for the instructors and assigning designated work to the directors.   

This warm family atmosphere based on love, respect and production, which successfully attracts the students to the education system and affects the success of the students in a positive way, is one of the main characteristics of Haliç University.

Objective to bring up Entrepreneurial, Up to Date, and Social Students

Since its establishment Haliç University, without concession to its principle target of “contemporary quality in education”, has set its goal to ensure that, in addition to the theoretical education, students are equipped with up to date and practical information which will allow them to adapt to the rapidly changing agenda in Turkey and the world, to be introduced to the Dynamics of the Business Life and to become globally minded individuals featuring social strength.

For this purpose, Haliç University puts emphasis on establishing cooperation with various profession groups and the business world. Also, Haliç University aims that the graduated students get into business life, not only as professionals who are specialized in that specific area of profession, but also as participant, productive, self-confident and mature individuals who are aware of the realities of the public, country and the world with a high social responsibility, consciousness, and analytical thinking ability.

A Real Urban University

Haliç University provides education in 4 campuses in the very center of Istanbul, namely Sütlüce, Levent, Şişhane campuses, and thanks to its ideal location, within walking distance from the intersection points of the most important arterial roads, it offers a great transport advantage to the students and, as an urban university, it allows them to improve themselves by means of social, cultural, sportive and other activities and to participate in various events taking place in Istanbul, the city of history, art and culture, after their course hours.