Life in Haliç
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Haliç University provides assistance to its students from their enrollment until discharge by means of academic consultants appointed by the relevant department directors to inform them about educational matters, (enrollment, courses, credits, exams, etc.) and the rules and regulations of the university, as well as to help them with personal matters, planning their careers and taking the correct steps by way of making them recognize their personal characteristics and skills.  

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit

The Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit, which was established considering the fact that academic success is directly linked to a healthy mind and emotional life, helps the students with their social and professional developments, determining their goals, making decisions, and solving their existing problems in a safe environment. 

In addition to the study groups, as individual and group psychological counseling, another special job of the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit is to establish a balance between an administrative and humanist approach towards the students who have disciplinary problems.  

The seminars arranged by the unit on “Overcoming Exam Anxiety” and “Substance Addiction” had a tremendous effect and takes place among those studies who are presented both as students of our University and the last grade students of various high schools. 

Haliç University Alumni Coordination Unit

Haliç University Alumni Coordination Unit, which aims to maintain the continuous and efficient communication of the graduates within the University, is engaged in activities in order to establish strong ties between the university and the graduates, enable participation and coordination of the graduates to the activities carried out for making our university a globally renowned knowledge institution, inform the graduates about the activities carried out at the university and enable their participation, monitor the economic and social success of the graduates in business life, provide guidance to the graduates in their choice of profession and help those who are looking for a job to catch various employment opportunities.


Haliç University has an infirmary where 2 doctors and 2 alternating nurses are ready to handle the immediate medical care requirements of the students. The student who is in need of medical treatment is examined and provided with the emergency medicines at the infirmary and referred to a hospital, if necessary.


Haliç University provides daily hot food to its students at the restaurants located in all 3 centers. The menus prepared according to the required daily nutrition values meet the catering needs of the students. Also, the students can make use of the cafeteria which serves "fast-food".


Scholarships awarded by Haliç University cover the educational scholarships at a level made obligatory by the Council of Higher Education as well as education, catering and dormitory scholarships. Detailed information on scholarships can be found under the Haliç University Scholarship Regulations. Students who are ranked among the top 100 at the student selection examination (SSE) in Turkey and enrolled at the university will be granted with an amount of --- education contribution whereas those who are ranked among the top 1,000-5,000 and enrolled at the university will be granted with an amount of P education contribution.