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General information about the library

Haliç Üniversity libraries aim at providing all kinds of resources   the students, academic and administrative staff need in their educational and research activities while acquiring the knowledge related to their profession and general culture   and serving them with update technical facilities.

· Nightly reading lounge ve study rooms

· Libraries  in service from 7 to 24

· Opportunity for quick access to lots of sources through cooperation among libraries

· Opportunity  to access printed and electronic books and journals

· Research opportunity using online data bases

· Sütlüce Campus Central Library

· Şişhane Campus Library

Haliç University Library was opened to service in Mecidiyeköy Campus in the academic term 1998-1999 when the university first started the education. Haliç University Library which was  in service in Mecidiyeköy (1998) in the first years,  and then started to serve in Fındıkzade (2003), Şişhane ( 2004) and Kağıthane (2013)  campuses has been in service in Sütlüce and Şişhane Campuses since 2015.

The books in our library is classified in open-shelf order; according to “Library of Congress Classification System’’. All the published resources available in the library collection can be scanned through the library catalogue.

There are computers in our library assigned for the readers to scan.Besides, all the readers can access the library’s resources using their own computers.

The information resources available in the library are transferred to computer through ‘’ Yordam Kütüphane ‘’, and technical services such as lending, borrowing , extension of borrowing period, reservation, provision, ordering, labelling  and reader services are carried out through the program. Thus, all the procedures of users except borrowing can be done through library program. Users can find the resources settled with repect to subjects using the open shelf system or ask for help from the librarian. Lending books to users and return procedures are  carried out.