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Education In Sector Program

What is Education in the Sector?
  • Training Program in the Sector It is applied skill training based on working in a workplace during the training of Haliç University associate and undergraduate program students.
  • The program is a training model that is jointly designed, managed together and applied in the workplace with the relevant institution, apart from classroom / laboratory / workshop courses.
  • In the program, students are given the opportunity to recognize and apply the basic academic knowledge and concepts they learned at school. Thus, the basic information received at the school will be redefined with the sector studies.
SEP Office Opened
SEP Office B Block B107 will be at your service on the following days.
Monday 09:00 – 12:00 ve 13:00 – 17:00
Tuesday 13:00 – 17:00 
Wednesday 09:00 – 12:00 ve 13:00 – 17:00
 Thursday 09:00 – 12:00 
Benefits of the Training Program in the Sector for the Companies
  • Graduate programs and discounts in Haliç Continuing Education Center Certificate Programs for companies entering the Education Program in the sector.
  • Providing institutional cooperation opportunity with the university and its contribution to design and R&D studies.
  • Capacity to create ready human resources for growth periods.
  • Very low cost for raising ready human resources,
  • Opportunity to find professional staff and technical workforce.
  • Providing the capacity to create solutions by creating an environment for academic consultancy for organization and business processes.

Functioning of Education Program in the Sector

  • Participation in the Training Program in the sector is not compulsory. The student can complete his education without participating in the Sector Education Program.
  • These are practical trainings for Haliç University undergraduate and undergraduate program students, who will participate in private or public institutions and organizations, enterprises or non-governmental organizations related to their profession during three semesters.
  • Regardless of whether an internship is required or not, all successful students / program students can benefit from the program.
Duration of the Training Program in the Sector
  • The Education Program in the Sector consists of a total of three semesters of application within the education period specified in the Education and Examination Regulation of the University. Each semester is 14 weeks.
  • Program; It can be done in autumn, spring and summer. The student can go to his work place on his free days and hours, but not less than 10 hours per week.
Application to Education Program in the Sector
  • For application to the Education Program in the Sector; Undergraduate students with a minimum GPA of 2.00, who have successfully completed their first and second year courses, and associate degree students who have completed their first year courses can benefit.
  • After the beginning of the application period, students make maximum 5 choices among the institutions that provide quota for the department they are registered to.
  • Education Coordinatorship in the sector calls on the institutions preferred by the students to choose students from the list. These institutions choose among all students on the list, regardless of whether they are preferred. The institutions that wish can interview with the students determined from the list before the preference.
  • Following the completion of student and institution preferences in this way, matching is made by the Education Database in the Sector. Twinning results are announced to the students and institutions by the University.
Students Admitted to the Training Program in the Sector
  • The student selected for the Education Program in the Sector takes the Education Compliance Course in the Sector given at the University before starting the study. In addition, depending on the sectors in which the students study, students can attend the elective pool as a preparatory lesson before the Program.
  • Students participating in the program must comply with the working hours of the workplace for a minimum of 14 weeks. If the total absence period of the student, including the report, exceeds 20% of the education period in the sector, the student is considered unsuccessful.
  •   During the education period in the sector, students do not have the right to leave. Students who do not come to work more than three days without permission or excuse are dismissed from the program.
Industry Obligation
  • Ensuring the participation of students in the business environment by adapting them to the body.
  • Payment of the student who receives vocational education in accordance with the Vocational Education Law No. 3308.
  • Benefit from the current service and the current food service.
University's Obligation
  • According to the Vocational Education Law No. 3308, SSI procedures and premiums of the student receiving vocational education.