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The primary aim of Haliç University Career Center and Alumni Relations Management is to create awareness of career planning for students and alumni. Our unit works to provide the necessary information by constantly interacting with the business world to overcome the difficulties that our students will face while preparing for business life.

Our office advises students and alumni about their career planning options. In the new era of economy where everything is changing rapidly, it helps students and alumni discover, identify and communicate themselves and their business life so that they can adapt and lead to changes.

With the activities of our unit to prepare students and graduates for a happy and successful career;

  • Setting goals and planning for the future through career counseling,
  • Increased chances to invite for an interview with CV Preparation support,
  • Preparing for job / internship interviews with Interview Simulations,
  • Priority applications with published job and internship announcements,
  • Networking with the people works in the human resources department of the institutions at Career Days,
  • Learning from each other's educational and business life experiences with “Graduate Mentor” programs,
  • Getting support for English with the Language Helpdesk team,
  • Finding role models with career story videos and career interviews with experts and successful people in their field, catching tips about career planning with monthly Career Post publication,
  • Knowing the business life in advance and communicating with authorized people with sectoral meetings to be prepared according to the departments they are studying,
  • They gain experience through applied workshops and many other projects.

If you are a student of Haliç University, you can contact us with e-mail address, if you are a graduate, contact us with e-mail address and internal telephone number 1481.

Unit Manager contact / D: 1473.